Our Vital Emergency Services

When the unexpected happens we all have to rely on help. It’s why a critical aspect of government is to provide emergency services. As your County Legislator, emergency services will be an area of particular focus. l will bring my hands-on experience and knowledge to ensure emergency response always meets our shared needs. 

We have a long history of dedicated men and women in Philipstown and Putnam Valley who have protected our towns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s ensuring their future success that must be a priority. Funding is fractured. Training is expensive and often a challenge to engage - if you live on the west side of the county. We owe it to our first responders to do better.

Carmel is the center of the our emergency response. Disaster plans are developed, training is provided, drills and exercises are carried out, and communication starts - all in Carmel. And typically only Carmel. Emergencies are local.Our towns deserve more local support to consistently get the safe, effective, and efficient resources when we need - when we need them the most. 

What we need is a true COUNTY-WIDE plan. 

And how to get there? I’ve got ideas, but being knowledgeable often means finding the best ingredients, not just copying a recipe. Being thoughtful to bring the right people to the table and facilitate an honest and productive conversation.  That’s what I do. In addition, I bring a lot to this emergency service discussion:

  • 10 years of setting policies and allocating funds needed to operate fire departments and ambulance corps.
  • Training and serving as an EMT and 911 dispatcher
  • Advanced levels of National Incident Management and incident command system training
  • FEMA Emergency Response and Preparedness training.

As your County Legislator, I will bridge the gap with Carmel and develop a county-wide training, shared service, and education program. 

We need to include ALL levels of government, our towns and communities, volunteer organizations, as well as our religious institutions, school administrations, and the public. I will work for what is critically missing - the whole of the Putnam County community working and training together to prevent, respond to, recover from and mitigate all threats and hazards. 

The future of our volunteer fire and EMS agencies depends on what we do as a local community to support them. I believe that and we can do it together.

- Nancy

October 2018

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