Why I am Running

I have worked hard to address the needs of Philipstown. I am known for my 10 years on the Town Board and a lifetime of leading and being actively involved in building common interests in our wonderful and historic part of the world. Now I want to be the advocate both Philipstown and Putnam Valley need in Carmel.


I've created meaningful, effective programs and stood at the forefront on issues that should be addressed by county, state and federal levels of government - but are not.  What I know now, from my years of dedication to Philipstown is that the more we do in local government, the less the county gives back to our towns.  Philipstown and Putnam Valley cannot continue to progress and grow without the resources and policies we SHOULD be getting from our Putnam County government. It's time to send me to sit at the table on the County legislature and advocate for what we need in our towns.


I have a proven track record in advocating for what works and eliminating what doesn’t, and as your county legislator, I can have a real and positive impact on your quality of life in our wonderful towns. 


I deeply value community service and I'm excited to put my energy toward addressing the issues that face Philipstown and Putnam Valley.


Nancy Montgomery

July 2018

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